The most comprehensive general account of the nine-week battle.

  • Easy to read narrative
  • Daily chronology with maps
  • Color plates of uniforms worn
  • Statistical data
  • Suitable for amateurs and professionals

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This second edition version (published in 2021) contains 19 more pages than the original. It includes more maps, pictures, lifelike and accurate uniform plates, details about the influence of the French troops and naval battles. No Rev War historian should be without this book on this important but often overlooked siege.

Lasting nine weeks in 1781, the Battle of Pensacola was the conclusion of Spain's aggressive military campaign to seize the Gulf Coast from Great Britain. Having lost the region to Britian after the Seven Years War and obtained New Orleans, Spain wanted to regain West Florida, which spanned from the Mississippi to the Appalachicola Rivers. Field Marshall Bernardo de Galvez had already conquered the western part of the territory. In Pensacola he commanded his largest army ever—several Spanish regiments and later, a French brigade.

Opposing him was Major General John Campbell, who led a hodgepodge of veteran regulars, German mercenaries, Provincials, Royal Navy and Marines, militia, slaves, and Indian warriors. Anticipating the invasion, Campbell had constructed four new, well-stocked fortifications and ordered his men to fight to the last. With numerous advances and setbacks on both sides, the seige took a surprise turn at the end.

Drawing from a variety of sources, Wesley S. Odom's The Longest Seige of the American Revolution: Pensacola provides the most comprehensive and analytical look at this obscure but decisive battle. Complete with previously unpublished maps, artwork and detailed chronology, this historic account is thrilling and insightful.

  • Top Honors Special Categories - 2009 National Award - Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
  • The Minnesota Society Stephen Taylor Award - 2010 National Award - National Society Sons of the American Revolution