The most comprehensive general account of the nine-week battle.

  • Easy to read narrative
  • Daily chronology with maps
  • Color plates of uniforms worn
  • Statistical data
  • Suitable for amateurs and professionals

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What people are saying about Battle of Pensacola


I just finished your book "The Longest Siege of the American Revolution: Pensacola" and I loved it. You were very thorough in many areas such as troop strength, regiments, uniforms, artillery, to name a few. This was such an interesting siege and your book brings it to life. Your first-hand knowledge of Pensacola was so beneficial in relating important locations to present-day sites. I also love the chronology and maps. I will reference this book many times over in the future and am grateful that you wrote it so the public can know about this important battle that kept the British forces busy during our American Revolution.

I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed it immensely. !Viva Galvez!

— Joe Perez - Governor General - Order of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez


An amazing book. Not only is the topic an interest of mine, but Mr. Odom included all the points that I look for when purchasing books on military campaigns. I thoroughly enjoyed the order of battle and the chronological events with maps, but especially the uniform paintings. I would love to know if a museum or anything along that sort exists where artifacts from the siege perhaps exist for viewing. I own and have read several books in the American revolution battles and I give this a 5 star rating. Great job Mr. Odom. Semper Fi from a former Marine to a former Naval officer.

— Jay Lindsey


Wow. I just finished reading it—every word of it. It’s wonderful. I learned so much detail. You did a very thorough job. It’ll become a classic. I agree with all of your military assessments, including the courage, tactical competence and strategic incompetence of Campbell and the British.

— Benjamin T. Riddles, II


I received the book this morning and am delighted with it! Very nicely designed, cogently researched and well written and with excellent illustrations — maps and characterful uniform plates.

— Howard Simmons


This is a great book to read.

— Simon Smith


I'm VERY impressed. You are a good writer-- but there are many good writers out there.... But I was very impressed--and I haven't finished it, of course-- but the sheer passion and dedication to the subject is marvelous! It shows in every word-- your book is a classic in every way... and a great resource.

— Prof. Eric Niderost


I love BERNARDO DE GALVEZ! Thank you for this new book! I proudly represent Galvez every July Fourth in my local city parade! Thanks again!

— Michael Cristian


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